Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Some dogmas I perpetuate

  • When the player does a thing, there should be some possible reason why or situation when they would NOT do that thing. Unless you specifically want it to not matter because ____.
  • When the player does a sequence of things, there should be a reason why they did it in that sequence vs. a different sequence. Unless you specifically want it to not matter because ____.
  • Things should feel embodied / have "feel" and feedback to them, according to how important they are to understanding what's happening. Unless you specifically want players to not notice it sometimes because ____.
  • Your game should occasionally be a little boring, or occasionally be a little exciting. This is called pacing.
  • Make the smallest possible game you can make. You can always make it bigger later. Each prototype / iteration is a different game.
  • Don't implement most suggestions that people give you. Think more about why they made those suggestions. Also, don't be upset when a dev ignores your suggestion, you're not the one making their game.
  • Don't plan too far in advance. Your plan is going to change anyway.
  • When tuning, double a value or halve it or increase / decrease by magnitude of 10 or randomize it.
  • How you talk about your game affects what your game actually is.