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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lucas Debes, v0.9 (pre-release beta released!)

REMINDER: You need 2 players for this game. One player clicks "Bailiff" to host the game, then the other player on the LAN clicks "Debes" to join the game.

Me and Eddie Cameron made another Unity game. There's gameplay in it. It's actually surprisingly fun, despite my best efforts to sabotage it.

The setup, kinda like Spy Party: there's an island with lots of NPCs. As Lucas Debes (17th century Danish priest) who's trying to escape the Faroe Islands in a rocketship, you have to blend in and pretend to be an NPC... or maybe you're the bailiff trying to kill him and/or sacrifice all the NPCs to Satan.
  • A competitive asymmetrical multiplayer FPS for 2 players.
  • Windows or OSX. 800x500 resolution minimum.
  • Only LAN support for now, sorry.
  • Two different but both amazing ending cutscenes.
  • Limitless strategies and infinite levels of strategic yomi, the deepest & most strategic strategy game ever made with strategies
We're not particularly happy with the state of polish and everything, but it's long past that time in a project when you need fresh pairs of eyes to look at it and critique it. So here it is:
    Download:  v0.9 PRE-RELEASE BETA
    - Windows build (11 mb)
    - Mac build (16 mb)
    Unzip somewhere and play.
    NOTE: only LAN support for now, sorry.

    Eddie Cameron: code + design,
    Robert Yang, art + design,

    Screenshots and "how to play" / strats / tips, after the jump...