Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Radiator European Tour 2019 (London, Berlin, Milan) + Level With Me hiatus until April 17

In April, I'm going to cram ~6 different events into a whirlwind week of travel through London and Berlin. What's wrong with me? Why did I sign up for all this? There's only one way to find out how much of a wreck I'm going to be...

I'm planning on covering a wide variety of events, both free / non-free, and for gays / gamers / insiders / general public alike, so take your pick:

  • April 6: EGX Rezzed at Tobacco Docks, London
    I've heard nice things about Rezzed and I've always meant to go, so now is the time of reckoning. My talk "Designing For Sex Games" will be a short teen-friendly PG-13 introduction to sex and intimacy in game design, aimed at the general gaming public, at around 4:30pm on the last day of the festival.
  • April 7: Now Play This at Somerset House, London
    Now Play This is one of the jewels of the European game festival circuit, and I've always been meaning to go. I'll be presenting at their very very cleverly named mini-conference "A Series Of Interesting Decisions" on the design choices going into my next sex game Macho Cam.
  • April 9: Clash of Realities Summit at Quo Vadis, Berlin
    This is like a mini symposium for game academics and business folks, so I'm going to talk about some creative approaches to games research and/or some of our teaching methods at NYU Game Center as part of the "Commercial Requirements vs. Cultural Function: The Games Industry in the Digital Society" panel at 5:15pm.
  • April 10: Rainbow Arcade at Schwules Museum, Berlin
    I have a game in this exhibition at this "gay museum", so it'll mostly be a free artist talk / group panel aimed at the general public about my approach to game design and aesthetics. Unfortunately it's um, not listed on the website yet, which is a little worrying, but I'm sure it'll all be a lovely time regardless.
  • April 11: A MAZE Dev.olution at SEZ, Berlin
    The Devolution exhibit at A MAZE aims to show a game in various iterations of development, and this year it'll maybe have a short workshop / conference track too. I think I'm going to give a short talk on how we can study game development itself, and urge everyone to start preserving their dev process for future scholars to study.
  • April 12 / 13: A MAZE ??? at SEZ, Berlin
    I think I'm also supposed to be doing something else at A MAZE. It's so secret that even *I* am not sure what it's going to be! How exciting! Wow! Either way I'll definitely be around for most of the weekend.
If you happen to be attending any of those events, feel free to come over and say hello.

The major drawback of lining up all this stuff: I now have to prep for it all, which will consume a lot of my free time over the next couple weeks. Thus, sadly, I have to put my level design streaming project "Level With Me" on hiatus until after I return, on April 17. However, if you still need your weekly dose of me babbling about level design, then check out the Level With Me archives on YouTube, now up to 90 videos total!