Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Level Design Workshop at GDC 2019: submissions due November 2

GDC season is coming up soon. If you have any interest in level design and you have something to say about it, then please submit a proposal to the Level Design Workshop mini-track at GDC 2019.

Although it is supervised by AAA developers with a level design background, like Clint Hocking or Joel Burgess or Lisa Brown, you don't have to be a AAA developer -- hell, they even let me give a couple talks in past years, and I'm just some kind of vaguely-leftist pseudo-academic weirdo? Again: indie, modder, altgames, etc. folks of all backgrounds are all welcome and encouraged to submit, as long as there's some relevance to environmental world design for any game genre. I don't look at the submissions, but I know the committee truly does want to highlight any new voices and new approaches to level design.

(Also: this is a really great alternate way to attend GDC without going through the main submission process. The applicant pool here is smaller, the mentoring process is more cozy, and we often do some kind of group level design dinner that week.)

Submit a proposal within the next two weeks, by November 2nd. Good luck!

Full blurb is below:
The Level Designer Workshop is returning to GDC 2019 in San Francisco - and it's our 10th anniversary!

We have always embraced a broad definition of level design, and sought to include a wide variety of speakers who represent the many facets of level design across all types of video games. Previous talks have touched on everything from technical tips, workflow, tools design, encounter staging, architectural theory, procedural levels, systems analysis, and more.

In the interest of expanding upon this history of diverse topics and speakers, we are opening our submissions again to the general game development public.

Our audience is a mix of aspiring and practicing level designers, as well as members of the press, academia, and game development community at large.