Saturday, March 19, 2011

Newsflash: Attention-starved Man Invents Mod Team, "Makes" Fake School Shooting Mod

In my apartment, we have a dog. Every now and then she yelps and jumps a lot, until you pet her or take her out for a walk. Sometimes we're too busy eating or working though, so then we just tell her, "Go lie down!"

* * *

He promised "great gameplay" so I was eager to download and try it. Turns out he (or "they") hasn't released anything yet and probably never will. He also complained about Super Columbine RPG, saying it's poorly designed -- and I agree -- but I don't see any indication that this mod will be any better. If anything, it's worse.

All I see are boring, blocky rooms with the same supermarket lighting; sterile, lifeless things. Actually, it's not even really a school shooting mod, because the only thing that transforms this first week's exercise in level design into a "school" is his unconvincing insistence that this profound lack of imagination and craftsmanship is something that it's not.

It's fake; or if it's not fake, it'll suck and no self-respecting man-shoot enthusiast would bother with it anyway.

Don't get trolled so easily, people.

And to this attention-starved pseudo-modder: Go lie down.

(Not that being attention-starved is a crime, you should just hide it better... And of course, I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to troll you. Read ModDB's rationale for pulling the mod from the database; I kind of agree but also kind of don't -- but then again, I'm not the one receiving a flood of misdirected hate mail.)