Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preview "Flatlander Woman" at "Illuminating Noir," April 1-8, 2011 @ Parsons

If you find yourself around the Union Square area in New York City in the beginning of April, head over to the main Parsons design building (2 West 13th Street) and check out the noir-themed film / art festival here; in the main lobby, you can play a preview version of "Radiator 2-1: Flatlander Woman." (I mean, you shouldn't go out of your way or anything, but if you're in the area then go for it. You get to shoot a whole lot of virtual people.)

(Unfortunately it'll be running on a computer with an Intel GMA 4500, so I think I'm going to have to disable a lot of effects... Hmm.)

(And dude, they're screening Blood Simple and have booked Frances McDormand. Whoa.)