Thursday, June 30, 2011

MapCore Weekend Challenge: "Nightwatch DM"

Textures and level design by Henning Horstmann.
Many moons ago, I worked on a single player Half-Life 1 mod called "Nightwatch" with many of the the best and brightest minds of the mod community. Even with all our expertise, resources and manpower, we still overestimated ourselves and ended up not releasing a thing.

The world textures were amazing though; ~60% by Adam Foster, ~25% by Henning Horstmann.

This weekend at MapCore, we're going to live vicariously through you and actually release some Nightwatch maps -- make a small Half-Life 1 deathmatch level in 72 hours using these awesome textures!

The Half-Life 1 version of Hammer is more or less identical to the current Source version, except the design process is so much faster. No worrying about cubemaps or water shaders or prop models. Just start mapping!

Confer the thread for instructions, what to download, and various tips and tricks for working with Half-Life 1.