Monday, May 31, 2010

Magnar Jenssen's "Mission Improbable 2"

The ever-so-lovely Mr. Magnar "insta" Jenssen has (quietly?) released the second episode of his Episode 2 mod, "Mission Improbable."

It's a little disconnected from the previous entry -- you escape from part 1 with a car, only to ditch it a minute into part 2 -- and the whole thing is infected with invisible-wall-itis because he was afraid you could turbo the car over the barricades or stack things to go where you can't (but there are so few physics props that aren't item crates, I'm not sure I see the point)... but I digress. It's otherwise really well-designed and entertaining.

If you're in the mood for some classic arcade-style Half-Life 2 adventures, this won't disappoint -- very focused enemy encounters, lots of cool setpieces, really polished visuals, well-tuned difficulty (though maybe a bit easy for some), and lovely cliffhanger for the next episode in what looks like a trilogy. Download it. (Disclaimer: I beta-tested this.)