Thursday, January 8, 2015

Radiator, US tour Spring 2015 ("May the Reign of Terror Begin")

I'm attending two three games events this season. Hangout with me! Here's my schedule currently:
  • Indiecade East 2015, Feb 13-15 in New York City. I'm giving a talk about dominant workflow patterns in game development, and how new (and often experimental) tools can shake-up our workflow and help us re-think our processes and possibly result in new kinds of games. I intend to live-demo most of these tools. Hopefully I won't fuck it up!
  • Game Developer Conference 2015, Mar 2-6 in San Francisco. I'm giving a talk about contemporary level design in relation to modern and postmodern architecture theory. I feel like a lot of level designers know they should pay lip service to architecture but when was the last time they actually looked at a real-life building with a critical eye? How was that building made? This is a discipline that's been around since the beginning of recorded history, I think it might have a thing or two to teach us, call it a hunch.
  • Different Games 2015, Apr 3-4 in New York City. A fantastic diversity-focused games conference. I'm part of the NEA artist grant disbursed last year, so I'll be presenting on my triad of sexy gay games: Hurt Me Plenty, Cheek to Cheek, and Succulent.
I'm also waiting to hear back from a few other things. Watch this space for updates! Or don't, that's cool too! PS: have people been playing The Talos Principle lately? I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. Might write a post about it.