Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thou Shall Notgames

And you thought I was pretentious? Look at this.

Now look back. Just kidding, this is some pretty deep shit that genuinely interests me. There are at least 5 graduate theses in the depths of those forum threads.

I mean, I like a lot of the ideas there, I'm just wary of how practical it would be to try to create a methodology out of them and test the design theory by making a game with it. It hurts my head to think about it so much -- and while I like playing super far-out experimental games, I don't particularly enjoy making them. (I'd say my own mods are "moderate" in this respect.)

But... "Notgames." I always thought that was some scrappy Gillen-ism, but I like the idea of using it for a new genre. Short and snappy. I think it works.