Sunday, January 8, 2017

Resolutions, 2017

A few general goals for this year:
  • be more active in VR communities, push for critical theory in VR
  • finally put out a publicly available VR thing
  • write more often, finish posts more often (fun fact: apparently I have ~300 draft posts)
  • finish more games and projects
And some more specific project goals for this year:
  • The Tearoom. Vintage toilet sex game. I got side-tracked into trying to make it more simulation-y, so I'm currently in the process of scoping it down, will hopefully finish and release this in late February. But I'm making good progress on it, pinning down the tone and feel at the moment, and I think I'm finally knowing what it is.
  • Like Cold Water or a Kiss. Contemporary gay bar game. I realized I was making it too much about cruising, when gay bars aren't really so much about sex anymore, assuming they ever were. Also way too simulation-y at the moment, and I foolishly thought I needed to prototype multplayer networking for this??? I need to cut this down and hopefully release it in May-ish.
  • Radiator 3. The likely Steam compilation release of Rinse and Repeat, Tearoom, and Like Cold Water, with VR support, localization, and a secret bonus game as usual. In late Summer at the earliest, late Fall at the latest.
  • Medusa. Remake of Mirror Isles, a top down sokoban-like puzzle game by Alan Hazelden. The puzzles are all imported from his original Puzzlescript version, and it's more or less playable, but it's still missing the narrative design and final character art. Will hopefully have more to say about this later, but looking to finish and release it by the end of the year.
  • Good Authority. Narrative-y city simulator game inspired by Robert Caro's book The Power Broker. A collaboration with Eddie Cameron. This year, we're looking to overhaul the mechanics -- basically, people only ever played the first half, and never really saw the second half, which kinda ruined it for us -- so hopefully this overhaul will unify the game systems better. Looking to finish and release it later this year.
  • Nostrum. An open world VR flight game about smuggling refugees out of warzones during World War II. I prototyped this back in 2014, but concluded that the VR ecosystem wasn't really mature enough yet, so I started diving into conversational AI simulation, which uh didn't turn out so good. This year I'm going to re-prototype it and scope it down, now designed the ground-up for VR motion controller and UX standards, and get a good solid start on it this year... because suddenly, a game about resisting fascism seems a bit more timely.
Wish me luck, and see you in the fuuuuture!