Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CondomCorps XL is crowd-sourcing fake orgasm sounds from you, soldier!

I'm currently re-mastering my Ludum Dare game CondomCorps into CondomCorps XL -- that is, making it minimally playable for humans -- and I just realized I need some sexy moaning sounds, yet I am only one person. Then I remembered the wonders of the internets and its powers of protein folding.

Unfortunately all the in-game character models (all one of them) will appear male, due to the nature of the patented bulge-gaze mechanic, so I would greatly prefer audio that "sounds like a man." (Non-men: please do your best impression of a man, or even your worst. Feel free to exaggerate / be silly. Drag is fun!)

> > > To submit:

  • Sit in a room, alone. Or perhaps get a sandwich at Katz's and bring your laptop.
  • Use a decent mic. If your sample is too noisy / clippy, I won't be able to use it.
  • If you don't have audio recording software, try the open source, free, and excellent tool Audacity.
  • Record yourself gradually climaxing (... on audio!) until that final ecstatic shout of pleasure. It's important to start slow and quiet, and build-up, because this audio will be the main source of feedback for the player. I'd imagine about 5-10 moans of increasing intensity would be great.
  • Don't forget the post-climactic whimpers of relief / release either. If you're gonna do it, do it right!
  • Make sure there's at least a half-second of silence in between your moans, so I can cut the audio easily.
  • Oh, and if you're good at it, feel free to talk dirty... well, not too dirty. Keep it R-rated / somewhat vanilla.
  • E-mail the .WAV / .MP3 / .OGG, attached, to me or throw it on your server / Dropbox and send the link to me. My e-mail is here, and don't forget to put "CondomCorps" in the subject line. Include your name to credit, or tell me if you'd prefer to be anonymous.

(characters based off MetaDaemon's original model)